It has to be said: we are big fans!

nonny dela pena = the godmother of immersive journalism

nonny dela pena = the godmother of immersive journalism

Nonny dela Pena who started dabbling with VR in Second Life with the "Virtual Guantanamo" Project back in 2007 is all over the media today and deservedly so as she is proving that immersive journalism will be here to stay. We worked on several projects with her including the "Cap & Trade" game among many others but "Gone Gitmo" still stands out as a project where immersion happens instantly, even without an HMD:

At last weekend's VRLA expo her Emblematic Group demoed the Trayvon Martin piece "One Dark Night" that puts you into the role of a witness of that tragic encounter between a black teenager and a [overzealous to say the least] neighborhood watch guy who ends up killing the young man, citing Florida's "stand your ground" law.

Listen back to our in depth interview with Nonny on the podcast and make sure to catch her work or possibly her physical self should you go to any number of international VR/AR conferences: she most surely will represent.