What if there were a gigantic user-created virtual world where one could put down a virtual 6-camera rig and film action in real time for virtual sequences to complement RL 360 video?

filming myself saves costs for actors!

filming myself saves costs for actors!

As opposed to painstakingly construct CGI worlds, rig characters, code camera paths etc etc etc to achieve such sequences? And have fun to boot cause after all: avatars in SL represent real people who for the most part have fabulous acting skills!

The above thought prompted me to assemble a team and investigate the possibilities of getting decent resolution 360 Machinima from Second Life. 

And may I say that first tests have proven to be very very exhilarating!

Now: we are all pretty realistic folk: Arduenn Schwartzmann who created the simulated GoPro Rig in-world and the sync mechanism and Phil Thoma who is working on post production, trying to get a template going to cut down time for the painful stitching process [which is no fun in RL either btw!] however given the fact that Second Life with its beautiful diversity and breadth of content and activities is right there [in a persistent way if you will], the prospect of 360 videos to flood the YouTubes and show the vibrancy of SL in even modest resolution is very enticing.

I'd stipulate that what we have now is very competitive in visual fidelity to hobbyist footage coming from Ricoh Theta and Samsung Gear 360, so our SL stuff is nothing to be ashamed of.

Also, a notable side effect of our experiments: the mainstream tech press - which has been chasing the shiny new squirrel of VR all the while neglecting [unsurprisingly so] existing successful examples of empowering digital platforms that have not lost their validity - has picked up the story, possibly due to our pal James T. Reichert watching our 1920s Berlin test through Hololens!

In any event: onward and hopefully some kind of usable workflow or commercial service will come out of these experiments soon[ish]. 

Let's film and see!