did someone say we must create a vr world where users like you and me [not only big game companies and experienced devs] can monetize their imagination?

just another meet-up in sansar

just another meet-up in sansar

something as freeing and economically empowering as second life, only with consistent framerates, higher visual fidelity and compatible with current vr headsets as well as mobile?

indeed someone did and i suppose that someone was a decision maker at linden lab sometime in the past - 2 or 3 years ago? -  and that goal was pursued, under the radar, quietly, thoroughly, ndas have been signed by content makers but now finally we can see a little glimpse of what is the start of possibly the impossible...

i shall now stop rambling onward in this semi-coherent flowery language and bring you a video that is 93 seconds long and may be followed by many others as the weeks move on:

make sure to check out sansar's website and sign up for creator preview will you? we need you and we need diversity and we need.....well: we need to calm down about the exciting future i suppose....

[thx so much to loz hyde and the little drax for letting me bug them with ye olde camera...]

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