DraxtoReads across the Metaverse is a frequent segment on the weekly podcast “The Drax Files Radio Hour”, featuring technologists, social scientists and bestselling authors of various genres, taking place in the social VR space Sansar. [>>> get the one-sheeter here <<<]

Most recently we had Qiufan Chen on, author of near-future eco thriller “Waste Tide”, talking about the differences and similarities between Chinese SciFi and the speculative fiction tradition of Western countries:

Another recent show featured futurist Karl Schroeder, whose new Tor release “Stealing Worlds” is a deep exploration of AR, IoT, Blockchain and AI and how these technologies may reorganize society in a profoundly interconnected way:

A big success was the appearance of Tad Williams, author of “Otherland” who seemingly entered the Metaverse completely, via a scanned head, composited and applied to his avatar. He also switched to a mandril avatar in suit and smart shoes midway through the live show …

Other guests included celebrated YA writer Amber Lee Dodd, author of “We are Giants”, in her fox embodiment:

The list of previous guests is quite long so here just a few names/pictures of avatars/physical selves below: VR researcher Jeremy Bailenson from Stanford and NYTimes bestselling authors Catherynne Valente, Liz Jensen are pictured below. Rising stars Ksenia Anske, CB Lee and Lara Donnelly appeared as well as Professor Richard A. Bartle, game designer and one of the foremost “philosophers” of social virtual reality.

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